• Palestine Flag T-shirt

    Palestine Flag T-shirt

      Our Palestine Flag T-shirt design a simple yet definitive T-shirted statement of solidarity. Palestine against the background colour of the sky its people reach out to for for their freedom …
  • Palestine Flag tea towel

    Palestine Flag tea towel

    Fly the flag for Palestine. With this simple gesture we can all popularise the Palestinian cause of land, freedom and peace wherever, whenever. In the kitchen, solidarity as we do the dishes. …
  • Viva Palestina

    Viva Palestina

    Arabic text on front of shirt reads ' A Lifeline from Britain to Gaza' Map of the 2009 route appears on back of the shirt   SPECIAL OFFER - JUST £10 - WHILE STOCKS LAST   In 2009 …
  • Dayenu


    15th May 1948  Palestine's Nakba when 750,000 Palestinians - out of a population of 1.9 million - were forced into exile, refugees from their own country, as the state of Israel was created. On 15t…
  •  Palestine Street Art (Print)

    Palestine Street Art (Print)

    Limited edition of 50 copies. Print unframed 550x470mm, framed 700x620mm. Street art has become a vital part of the Palestinians' creative resistance to the Israeli siege of Gaza. The limited edition …