Steve Bell Johnson Coronavirus Battle Plan print

Steve Bell Johnson Coronavirus Battle Plan  print

A deadly dithering to lockdown or not, not once but twice costing tens of thousands of lives. PPE shortages endangering key workers, and when the supply chain is finally in place it lines the pockets of the government's chumocracy. NHS test and trace farmed out to SERCO, famous only for one expensive disaster after another. 

Steve Bell's carrtoons are known for being sharp but in 2020 he produced one of the sharpest of the lot 'Johnson's Coronavirus Battle Plan.'  Limited edition of 100, individually numbered and each signed by Steve, framed, ready to hang, lest we forget it didn't have to be this way.

The prints are framed size 350 x430 mm. There is a small additional charge for posting the prints as they are very securely crated for safe delivery, ready to be hung on arrival.

Product Code: 1637

Framed £180.00

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